NEXALIA – Real Estate in the French Alps

A brand, an history, a family

For 30 years, the Schmitt Family has run the company with passion. Martin Schmitt passed on the love of a job well done to his children Delphine and Mathias to continue the development of the family brand. Today, Nexalia is a key operator in the property domain, whose expertise is based on the complementarity of the skills and expertise it possesses. Nexalia always offers you the best choice of location to guarantee the performance of your property investment.

Nexalia quality of service for a lasting investment.

Particular attention is paid to the features within our homes. They must be pleasant living spaces combining comfort, functionality and warmth. In order to guarantee the comfort of our homes and realise energy savings, we also pay particular attention to optimising spaces: open-plan kitchens, reducing traffic areas, layouts of bathrooms, light fittings, etc. As living spaces offering comfort, our residential complexes are enhanced with green spaces and offer parking spaces.

Few word of the C.E.O

Imagine a pure white setting, wonderful endless slopes, many activities for the entire family according to one’s desire, warm and festive atmospheres throughout the day. It’s an experience you will want to relive again and again.
Nexalia create space for memories …

Build with love

For more than 30 years, Nexalia has been supporting its customers with a passion for a job well done. We do not do real estate, we create living spaces.

Customer relationship

Contact with customers are essential.
The accompaniment and the advice throughout the project often make excellent relationship.

Great process

Realizing a real estate investment is often a commitment over several months. Nexalia is committed to the process of monitoring progress.

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